May All Your Wishes
Come True (1998)
Materials: Rice, Lights, Sterling Board, Door Viewer.

Over The Last Horizon (1998) Materials: Rice, Beeswax, String

Utopia and Other Destinations (1998) Front View

Utopia and Other Destinations (1998) Inside View. Materials: Sterling Board, Water, PVC, Steel

Everyone Has a Dream (1997) Materials: Rice, Beeswax, Glass

A Temporary Enchantment (1997) Materials: Sterling Board, Candles, Sand, Wire, Steel

Through A Glass Brightly (1997) Materials: Rice, Perspex

A Separate Place (1997)   Materials: Sterling Board, Rubber, Video Monitors

A Separate Place (1997) Close Up

In Silent Stillness (1996) Front View Materials: Sterling
Board, Beeswax, Bronze, Binoculars, Spot Lights

In Silent Stillness (1996) Inside View

Monks Mine (1996)   Materials: Mine, Candles, Tin Foil, Water, Clay.

Monks Mine (1996)
View from the entrance.