Being Who You Are

Linda Unwin is a British visual artist now residing in Oslo, Norway.

My work originally took the form of installation art as this type of media relies on the interaction of the viewer, an involvement I consider to be a crucial part of the meaning behind the work as I aim to disturb/provoke a response of some kind from the viewer emotionally. To do this effectively then the viewer must be involved in some way with the work on a personal level.

I like to use materials that are largely organic and 'Everyday' in appearance because I believe in showing the beauty of what is around us largely unnoticed or taken for granted. I have worked with materials that are primarily organic and transient such as; Beeswax, candles, sand, rice, sterling board and water.

I have used computers and time based art in the form of film/video and slide projections/monitors as well as sound, performance and site specific elements in my work, although it is varied and not governed by one particular element.

My work is intuitive and ideas have come from many sources including dreams, building sites and the natural environment. I do not like to peg it down as I believe that a piece of work has a life force of its own and needs to follow its own developmental path in which ever direction that may take it.

My work often deals with the elements of time and transformation and the idea of progression to another form or state. I am fascinated with the allure that there is always something on the horizon, somewhere to go from here, some other state to move on to and this is borne out in the nature of the work I make and materials I use to achieve this effect.

Although born in London I grew up in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, a new town that is constantly being built upon and reinventing it's self, and I spent many of my formative years surrounded by and playing upon building sites.

I moved to Stratford, East London in 1996 where I obtained a BA Hon's in Fine Art at the University of East London and into another area trying to rebuild and reinvent itself. Here I found myself over looking Canary Wharf and the Millennium Dome, the sight of a million twinkling lights and new beginnings rising from old ashes dominated the horizon all around me and helped to inspire me in my work.

I now find myself living in Oslo and being inspired to create artwork again in the form of painting and digital art. The Norwegian light is very different to that of the UK and seems to change perspective and shadows and somehow brings out a fresh new inspiration from deep with me.

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